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  • Zit Tricks

    Zit Tricks

    Alright I know this title sounds pretty disgusting but here are my 3 life saving over night handy at home remedies for when you have a pimple. Keep in mind the last tip is using makeup. 1. Steam face in sink or by humidifier, opening up pores. Then apply tea tree oil to a cotton […]

  • DIY Whiter Teeth in a Week

    DIY Whiter Teeth in a Week

    You know how there are all kinds of products out there to help whiten teeth? Well this is something you can make at home for not very much money and I find it really works. I have braces so I’m going to give you the recipe for a slightly toned down whiteness just add double […]

  • Blue Blue Eyeshadow

    Blue Blue Eyeshadow

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have the ghost of blue eyeshadow lurking in their past? When I was the same age as BellaDame is now (that is, a newly minted teen), I worked hard to gather the three key things every 14 year old needed:  Love’s Baby Soft Body Spray, Maybelline Kissing […]

  • Water: The Fountain of Youth

    Water: The Fountain of Youth

    Your mother told you. MY mother told me. I’m telling my daughter…the best thing you can do for your skin is drink lots of water. We live in the middle of the challenging Prairies, where the temperature can fluctuate 20 degrees in a day. (From freezing cold to melting slush for example). Keeping hydrated is […]

  • Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks

    Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks

    Okay would be witches and mummies, I MUST share with you a Hallowe’en tip that my mother (Grandma Dame) share with me…when I was a little one. This dates, I am sure, from a time when smart people did not spend money on Hallowe’en makeup. Hallowe’en Superstores were…corner drugstores. And you put real candles in […]

  • Cold Winters? Get George-ous

    Cold Winters? Get George-ous

    He’s a pharmacist with a toothy grin and nerdy glasses who took on the challenge of keeping skin supple during the darkest of Canadian winters. Today George (Doherty) and his partner own a lovely, goofy niche of the skin care market. They sell only in Canada (pity!) but I suggest this cream would work wherever […]

  • BONUS: Grab Bag Tip

    BONUS: Grab Bag Tip

    We both love a bargain. Well, okay, Kerrie more than Annabelle, but still, getting something at a good price is a good thing. You can find some great deals on lovely hand soap, hand lotion and body lotions at discount stores (in Canada, we love Winners for example). Thursdays are a great day to browse […]

  • When Do We Stop Feeling Beautiful?

    When Do We Stop Feeling Beautiful?

    Remember back when you loved to play dress up? Or even gaze are your most amazing self in the mirror? When DOES that stop? How many times do you look at yourself these days and think kind, loving thoughts? Try it today: the next time you look at yourself in the mirror say “I Love […]

  • Mark Jacob’s DOT a Sweet Surprise

    Mark Jacob’s DOT a Sweet Surprise

    Subtle whispers of floral and honey make this perfume a must for any event. Dot is sweet and harmonic with a scent so perfect it numbs the senses in simply adorable packaging. This perfume is a vanity must. Cute black and red polka dotted bottle with flowers and gold finishing gives this perfume the best […]

  • New Nail Polish for Back to School

    New Nail Polish for Back to School

    What better way to say old school “school” than blackboard nail polish? I could not believe it when Annabelle first pointed this product out to me. At first I said “no way!” thinking about all the chemicals that could be contained in one small bottle. But, she wore me down and we agreed to review. […]