Reviewing Products

We want to share our ideas and experiences about beauty, health and of course, products.

When we write our reviews, we’ll each try a product and provide you our take on it: strengths, weaknesses and of course, the price. Typically we commit to one week with that product (although in the case of some nail polish, they just don’t last that long!). We’ll each write our thoughts, sometimes provide you with a photo, video or link.

If we both agree that a product is stellar, we give it our Beauty Dames “Approved” stamp. This means that, whether you are 50 or 15, we think you’ll like what this product has to offer.

We are sharing our own opinions, and we are not sponsored by any company or product. As a matter of fact, we use our own money to purchase products. The comments we make here are based on our own personal experiences.


Our Cost Rating:


 Under $10


 Between $10-$25


 Between $25-$50


 Over $50

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