Water: The Fountain of Youth

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Water: The Fountain of Youth
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Water: The Fountain of Youth

Your mother told you. MY mother told me. I’m telling my daughter…the best thing you can do for your skin is drink lots of water. We live in the middle of the challenging Prairies, where the temperature can fluctuate 20 degrees in a day. (From freezing cold to melting slush for example). Keeping hydrated is an easy way to stay sane and avoid those dull skin winter blues. I’ve discovered there are other benefits too! Stopping to drink a glass of water when you feel overwhelmed or angry can calm you, and offering someone a glass of water before you begin a difficult discussion can also help diffuse the tension. At our house we all begin our day with a half a lemon squeezed into a glass of water. First thing, every day. I am not saying drinking water will make you look younger, but it WILL help cleanse toxins, hydrate and calm raw nerves. Oh! And 86 year old Gramma Dame swears by it. (and she has the complexion and energy of a woman 20 years younger). Raise a glass a votre sante!

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Meet Kerrie: I grew up in the 70s, and longed for the perfect tan, baby-blue eyeshadow and super- straight Laurie Patridge hair. A tall order for a curly haired, fair skinned redhead. Like most girls, I was under confident and insecure… never stopping to consider that I possessed my own personal sense of beauty and style. Now that I am older, and the mother of a beautiful daughter, I realize how important it is to really believe in yourself. Trust yourself. And take everything the magazines throw at you with a huge grain of salt.

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