Blue Blue Eyeshadow

Is it just me, or does anyone else have the ghost of blue eyeshadow lurking in their past? When I was the same age as BellaDame is now (that is, a newly minted teen), I worked hard to gather the three key things every 14 year old needed:  Love’s Baby Soft Body Spray, Maybelline Kissing Potion and, of course, blue blue eyeshadow. I remember walking over to the Mayland Heights drugstore with the “spending” part of my babysitting money jingling in my white plastic over the shoulder purse. I had been eyeing this particularly baby blue eyeshadow for AGES and longed to make it mine. The packaging was oh-so-clever (a lollypop! an eyeshadow!) & race walked home to try it on. The height of working class Calgary Grade 8 fashion, I liberally applied to under my brow. No mascara, no polite feedback.  No kidding. There are photos. But regrets?  Certainly times have changed, witness Bella-Dame and her friends, with their neutral organic mineral products and natural hair; evolution of the fashion species compared to the tropical fish chic of 1979. All this to say that, it’s possible you will find yourself sorting through boxes and photos this time of year. Perhaps you will stumble upon a technicolour garish teenage version of yourself…unlined, hopeful and so very very baby blue. If this should happen, may I recommend a smile, a deep breath, and maybe just one glass of wine.

3 responses to “Blue Blue Eyeshadow”

  1. Funny enough, the other day I just bought a tri coloured pack of blue shadows and another of purple shadows. They were a high end product being discounted at Nordstrom Rack. I figured even though the day of the chromatic eyeliner has passed, there will always be Halloween or theme parties for these treasures.