Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe'en Tricks

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Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks
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Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks

Okay would be witches and mummies, I MUST share with you a Hallowe’en tip that my mother (Grandma Dame) share with me…when I was a little one. This dates, I am sure, from a time when smart people did not spend money on Hallowe’en makeup. Hallowe’en Superstores were…corner drugstores. And you put real candles in your jack o lanterns.

The trick? If you are looking for a flat, matte white base from which to build your witch or vampire visage, simply put some cornstarch in a bowl. Take a large powder brush and brush liberally all over your face. Easy! Fun! All Natural! and very, scary, white.

For darker definition (wrinkles, sunken eyeballs etc.) take that cork from the wine you just opened…and burn one end with a lighter (the one from the candles you just lit). It will more smoulder than burn, but be careful it’s not too too hot. Then, use the cork as the “BB Sprong” tool and draw dark circles under your eyes, or accent those crow’s feet. You can blend this with your fingers for a more smudgey look.

Be careful though, this charcoal will want to stay on your fingers, so wash hands well.

*voila* spooky retro black and white, with a nod to those witches who came before.


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