New Nail Polish for Back to School

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New Nail Polish for Back to School
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New Nail Polish for Back to School


What better way to say old school “school” than blackboard nail polish? I could not believe it when Annabelle first pointed this product out to me. At first I said “no way!” thinking about all the chemicals that could be contained in one small bottle. But, she wore me down and we agreed to review. I will say this is not for everyone (me). The first part of this (the blackboard coat) goes on very dark and very matte. (Great for the Goth Moms out there). The second part is more the effect of chalk than actual chalk. This product comes in a tube with two brushes/bottles, so it is easy to carry around. I will say I had flashing my nails…people ask questions and I talk about Beauty Dames. But honestly, this one is not for me. Too dark, too many mystery chemicals and too hard to remove! More costume than everyday. I give it a miss.


So I have to admit at first the black matte goes on a little dark,but after you add the adorable pastel top and design coat looks fabulous. I got so many compliments and the packaging is fabulous . Two brushes in one bottle. it comes off easier than you think, the trick is to either let it flake off or rub and let it sit then rub a little more. the only thing is that the application isn’t exactly foolproof.  I think that this little gem is really good for first days of school. A little tip don’t wear it to events it looks too casual compared to every ones perfectly glossed nails. Overall this nail polish is really cute. I don’t think I would buy it again though. this one didn’t get the dames stamp of approval.

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