Mark Jacob's DOT a Sweet Surprise

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Mark Jacob’s DOT a Sweet Surprise
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Mark Jacob’s DOT a Sweet Surprise


Subtle whispers of floral and honey make this perfume a must for any event. Dot is sweet and harmonic with a scent so perfect it numbs the senses in simply adorable packaging. This perfume is a vanity must. Cute black and red polka dotted bottle with flowers and gold finishing gives this perfume the best vanity topper award. A timeless fragrance perfect for all ages dot is the perfect gift for any simply sweet perfume lover .Thanks marc Jacobs for giving us a sweet taste into the life of a ladybug.

Winner of the 2013 beauty dames perfume choice award for…

Best vanity topper



I admit I was prepared to spend the day steeped in a saccharine cloud. The bottle (a stylized ladybug) is charming and whimsical but I worried about what it contained. I made a face and spritzed myself before heading out the door, not entirely sure I wouldn’t smell sticky sweet. And…I didn’t! The fragrance is subtle, sure a little sweet, but fun! I kept on checking throughout the day…”am I morphing into a pre teen fragrance dream?” Nope. It held it’s own, never moving too far up the sugar scale. And (dare I say it) I felt energized! Sure you can’t help but love the bottle, but it’s what inside that counts. DOT is a fragrance I would wear again, although I’ll have to borrow the bottle from Annabelle.

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