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Zit Tricks

Alright I know this title sounds pretty disgusting but here are my 3 life saving over night handy at home remedies for when you have a pimple. Keep in mind the last tip is using makeup.

1. Steam face in sink or by humidifier, opening up pores. Then apply tea tree oil to a cotton pad and swab around pimple. ( not a good tip for mama who is desperately allergic to tea tree oil.)

2. This second tip is an overnight remedy. Take a bit if gel based mint toothpaste and apply to zit over night or for a few hours. If for some reason you don’t have toothpaste use a slice of lemon or a baking soda and water paste.

3. If you have an interview or date, take a light weight concealer and apply to pimple, with a most beauty blender rub in. Taking your fav eyeliner pen, ( min is Stila stay all day) draw a perfect circle over the pimple and voila a trendy beauty mark a là Carrie in sex and the city.

Kerrie’s note: I also believe strongly in keeping your hands off your face at all times to reduce pimple outbreaks. And do not forget to wash your face every night before going to bed (even if you have been up late studying). The other tried and true tip is lots of water (I am a big believer in staying hydrated as you know) and avoid eating greasy or processed foods.

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