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BONUS: Grab Bag Tip
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BONUS: Grab Bag Tip

Review_KerrieWe both love a bargain. Well, okay, Kerrie more than Annabelle, but still, getting something at a good price is a good thing. You can find some great deals on lovely hand soap, hand lotion and body lotions at discount stores (in Canada, we love Winners for example). Thursdays are a great day to browse the selection, as typically it is the day you’ll see a lot of new stock. One British brand we discovered on a family holiday is called Pecksniffs, and we were thrilled to find this brand in a super markdown bin. Amazing scents and lovely products. (even Grandma Dame agrees!) Of course you can buy on line as well ( but did I mention we love a bargain? Anyway check out the cosmetic section of your favorite discount reseller. And make Thursday your First Friday!

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Meet Kerrie: I grew up in the 70s, and longed for the perfect tan, baby-blue eyeshadow and super- straight Laurie Patridge hair. A tall order for a curly haired, fair skinned redhead. Like most girls, I was under confident and insecure… never stopping to consider that I possessed my own personal sense of beauty and style. Now that I am older, and the mother of a beautiful daughter, I realize how important it is to really believe in yourself. Trust yourself. And take everything the magazines throw at you with a huge grain of salt.

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