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  • Sephora Honey Mask & Pearl Mask

    Sephora Honey Mask & Pearl Mask

    This sweet and delectable basic is your one step skin ritual to glowing and super smooth skin! At first when I opened the package I was unsure as this mask is a sheet not a gel. After I took off the mask my face felt amazing, it felt like my face after using La Mer […]

  • Dry Lips Take This! A Trio of Lip Remedies

    Dry Lips Take This! A Trio of Lip Remedies

    Here in the heart of the frozen prairies moisturizer is not optional. Neither is lip balm. Leave the house without it and you’re asking for trouble. (Imagine, flashing a dazzling smile only to feel your lips crack). You know how I feel about water, but even the most diligent hydrating habits cannot counter-act Winter’s Wickedly […]

  • Water: The Fountain of Youth

    Water: The Fountain of Youth

    Your mother told you. MY mother told me. I’m telling my daughter…the best thing you can do for your skin is drink lots of water. We live in the middle of the challenging Prairies, where the temperature can fluctuate 20 degrees in a day. (From freezing cold to melting slush for example). Keeping hydrated is […]

  • Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks

    Wicked White and Creepy Charcoal Hallowe’en Tricks

    Okay would be witches and mummies, I MUST share with you a Hallowe’en tip that my mother (Grandma Dame) share with me…when I was a little one. This dates, I am sure, from a time when smart people did not spend money on Hallowe’en makeup. Hallowe’en Superstores were…corner drugstores. And you put real candles in […]

  • Cold Winters? Get George-ous

    Cold Winters? Get George-ous

    He’s a pharmacist with a toothy grin and nerdy glasses who took on the challenge of keeping skin supple during the darkest of Canadian winters. Today George (Doherty) and his partner own a lovely, goofy niche of the skin care market. They sell only in Canada (pity!) but I suggest this cream would work wherever […]

  • Great Moisture Cream

    Great Moisture Cream

      Sometimes we actually agree about trying a product and this was one of those times. I was introduced to Kiehl’s products in the US years ago, and was happy to see them on the shelves here. This is a very simple cream, smooth and works! The price point is higher than typical drugstore brands […]

  • Lusterous, Silky, Healthy Hair

    Lusterous, Silky, Healthy Hair

    Bumble and bumbles invisible oil is fantastic! It leaves hair smooth and fabulous, with a subtle glow. Though slightly more expensive than Moroccan oil, the light weight texture formula is fabulous. For dance instead of using gel I use this; washes out easily and leave hair in place but not crunchy. Used by stars every […]

  • Beauty Dames Face Off

    Beauty Dames Face Off

    Here’s the situation: Kerrie is no longer a teenager and Annabelle is about to be. So, of course, we have different views about makeup. For example, Kerrie is against Annabelle wearing makeup. (“You’re naturally beautiful”)* Annabelle, of course, disagrees. So we have arrived at an uneasy truce. When it comes to face colour (eyeshadows, blush, […]

  • Basic Body Must Have

    Basic Body Must Have

    We live in a very cold, very dry part of the earth. You need to stay moisturized to stay sane. (And trust me, if you have to wear socks or tights, those feet need moisturizing too). So although this is not very glam, it is very very essential. Of course we speak of Lubriderm. Basic. […]

  • Curly Harried

    Curly Harried

    Okay. You kids have it lucky. In MY day I would put a tea towel over my hair and iron it with my mother’s old Sunbeam.  A real iron, made of…iron. Or, I would wash my hair and then put on a toque and keep it on until my hair dried. On very rare occasions […]