Dry Lips Take This! A Trio of Lip Remedies

Here in the heart of the frozen prairies moisturizer is not optional. Neither is lip balm. Leave the house without it and you’re asking for trouble. (Imagine, flashing a dazzling smile only to feel your lips crack). You know how I feel about water, but even the most diligent hydrating habits cannot counter-act Winter’s Wickedly Dry Lips.

So, to this end Bella Dame and I have been trying moisturizing lip products looking for something that works for everyone…even if you live in the harshest of climates. Take heart luscious lips lovers…there is hope!

The first product we tried was the eponymous EOS. Annabelle loves the colour selection, cool product design and the many flavour varieties. Me? I am not a lover of sweet tasting lip balms…it brings to mind countless babysitting dollars spent on Bonne Bell Kissing Potion. Whether it’s the sticky sweet of the 70s roll on classic, or a neo EOS version, I just want to eat it off my lip. Which, as you can imagine, just exascerbates the problem. Bella, on the other hand, cannot get enough!

So, EOS a miss for me, a hit for the teenagers.

Next up was the Chanel lip moisturizer. (You can guess who wanted to try this). It comes in both a lipstick format as well as a pot. The product is white and goes on colourless. Best of all, it works! Voila!  I like them both, and carry the lipstick style with me at all times. Having said that, we both prefer the product in a pot. Annabelle agrees the product is super moisturizing, but simply not affordable on a modern teen budget. I found the pot lasts much longer, and the best part? Lipstick is easily applied over this product and will stay on (take that Kissing Potion!).

Bottom line for Chanel fans, most Moms will love it. Most teens will find it out of their price range.

Our final lap around the lip products? Blistex Lip Medex. It does not have a modern design, nor a couture pedigree. However, we both agree the price is good. And we both agree this product works. If your lips are super duper dry, you will notice a burning sensation. And if you like to wear a little lipstick, this product is not for you. Uber moisturizing and slightly medicinal, it eschews additional colour of any kind. There’s also no danger of wanting to chew it off unless you love the taste of Gramdma’s medicine cabinet. It tastes terrible! Homely container, budget price and great results. We’re agreed, this is a winter warrior winner.



4 responses to “Dry Lips Take This! A Trio of Lip Remedies”

  1. I’d love to see something on hair extensions or the blue eyeshadow movement right now. Love your site!!

  2. Wow!! Really helpful. If you could can you possibly do a review on some nars lipsticks? That would be amazing.

  3. hi, you guys should do a video tutorial on contouring! Or review the heated lash curlers from blinc. Or maybe even Kevin ( only Annabelle will get that)

    • Hi and thanks for your comment! We are working on adding video. Thanks for spending time with Beauty Dames!