Lusterous, Silky, Healthy Hair


Bumble and bumbles invisible oil is fantastic! It leaves hair smooth and fabulous, with a subtle glow. Though slightly more expensive than Moroccan oil, the light weight texture formula is fabulous. For dance instead of using gel I use this; washes out easily and leave hair in place but not crunchy. Used by stars every where and can also be for anti-damaging when you straighten or curl hair for events. I am giving this product two thumbs up.

Annabelle let me borrow this recently and I was skeptical. I don’t like paying lots of money for products (or promises) but this one…worked! I am the kind of person who catches their reflection in the mirror at mid-day and asks “how did my hair get so crazy frizzy?!” (although I wish I was the kind of person who said a lovely affirmation instead. Work in Progress). ANYWAY, the oil works. So, on this we agree!