Sephora Honey Mask & Pearl Mask

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Sephora Honey Mask & Pearl Mask
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Sephora Honey Mask & Pearl Mask

This sweet and delectable basic is your one step skin ritual to glowing and super smooth skin! At first when I opened the package I was unsure as this mask is a sheet not a gel. After I took off the mask my face felt amazing, it felt like my face after using La Mer but at a fraction of the cost. Overall for 8 dollars this is definite must have for anyone who seeks gorgeous, smooth, and amazing skin. A two thumbs up from this beauty dame.

Kerrie’s notes: I used the Pearl Mask as it was geared more toward my skin type. As with Annabelle I was a little uncertain about the sheet mask, but it was refreshing to put on and the results were well worth the less than 10 dollar investment. These are also excellent for travel. Two Beauty Dames can’t be wrong!


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