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Beauty Dames Face Off
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Beauty Dames Face Off

Here’s the situation: Kerrie is no longer a teenager and Annabelle is about to be. So, of course, we have different views about makeup. For example, Kerrie is against Annabelle wearing makeup. (“You’re naturally beautiful”)* Annabelle, of course, disagrees. So we have arrived at an uneasy truce. When it comes to face colour (eyeshadows, blush, foundation etc.) we agree to leave that in the “dance bag”. Which simply means it is only appropriate for Annabelle during dance recitals. Of course there will be sleepovers and makeovers, but for day to day the colour palette is “Naturally Beautiful”. BUT we will review face products; things like sunscreen and moisturizer and toners and creams.. We’ll also talk about what makes someone beautiful? And what role does soceity play in pushing for a certain “type” of beauty? Big thoughts lots of fun & with a serious focus on skin care. Let the Dames Begin!

* which is exactly what Grandma Dame used to tell Kerrie

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Meet Kerrie: I grew up in the 70s, and longed for the perfect tan, baby-blue eyeshadow and super- straight Laurie Patridge hair. A tall order for a curly haired, fair skinned redhead. Like most girls, I was under confident and insecure… never stopping to consider that I possessed my own personal sense of beauty and style. Now that I am older, and the mother of a beautiful daughter, I realize how important it is to really believe in yourself. Trust yourself. And take everything the magazines throw at you with a huge grain of salt.

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