Annabelle Loves Givenchy Ombre Couture Overcoat Shadow Pot

MY NEW FAVOURITE PRODUCT! This over coat is amazing, it is a shimmery cream shadow from the one and only Givenchy. The subtle shimmer gives your pretty peepers a pop of radiance, as seen at the Dolce and Gabana s/s show. The packaging is adorable and compact, perfect for jetsetters. A dab on the ring finger of your hand and a sweep across the eyes instantly creates a flawless and dewy finish perfect for a day at school or a dinner out.

2 responses to “Annabelle Loves Givenchy Ombre Couture Overcoat Shadow Pot”

  1. Tell Annabelle to review her luxy extensions and then do something about bellamis. Or the new dior foundations… Do U have like diy method for lash growth Annabelle said she did, cool site btw

    • Hi thank you for your comments. I am working on a hair extensions review now and am also excited about a new curling iron that works really well! Stay tuned for more!